Title: Stella Ardoge

One of a handful of beer-inspired tokens created during Dogeparty’s initial incarnation, STELLA was minted in block 353,309, which was mined on August 27th, 2014. After the relaunch of Dogeparty in 2021, STELLA was brought back to life and reborn as Stella Ardoge. This token features new, original artwork from Dogeparty / Counterparty artist Rocco, and has a total supply of 100.

About this token

Asset Name: STELLA
Total Supply: 100
Blockchain: Dogecoin (via Dogeparty)
Issuance Date: Aug 27, 2014
First Sale Date: Jan 25, 2022

Official Dispenser: N/A (private orders only)

If you are interested in purchasing a STELLA directly from Dogermint, please email us or contact us on Telegram. Thank you.

Dispenser Sale History

Round 1 – Jan 25, 2022: 50 STELLA @ 100 DOGE / ea. (sold out in 46 blocks)
Round 2 – Jan 30, 2022: 10 STELLA @ 500 DOGE / ea. (sold out in 52 blocks)