Dogermint Dispensers

The following is a list of Dogewallet dispensers that are currently dispensing our Dogecoin assets. These assets were all minted in the month of August, 2014, less than a year after the launch of the Dogecoin blockchain. This makes them a verifiable part of early Dogecoin history, and indeed the history of digital assets, as well.

The dispensers listed below are the only official dispensers of Dogermint (all other dispensers offering these assets belong to non-affiliated parties) that are currently open:

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What is a dispenser?

In the world of Dogeparty, a Dispenser refers to a Dogecoin address that has been configured to send a designated asset each time it receives a certain amount of DOGE. Dispensed assets are sent to the address that sent the DOGE payment to the dispenser. This is a trustless way to carry out an asset sale within the Dogewallet.

For example, this dispenser is selling 4 COUNTERDOGE (a Dogeparty asset) for 1 DOGE.

In the left panel, we see the Dispenser Details. Here are the important fields:

  • Asset: the name of the asset being dispensed (COUNTERDOGE)
  • Give Quantity: the number of assets being dispensed for the Satoshi Rate (4)
  • Escrow Quantity: the number of assets assigned for sale through the dispenser (10,000)
  • Give Remaining: the number of assets remaining in the dispenser (7,984)
  • Satoshi Rate: the amount of DOGE required to trigger a dispense (1 DOGE)
  • Status: reveals if the dispenser is still active (Open)

In the right panel, moving from top to bottom, we see:

  • Dispenser address in text (DHsxofo6HGPzYiadB6ZtqnDfua3b3SPXC9)
  • Dispenser address in QR code form
  • The amount of DOGE necessary to trigger a dispense (1 DOGE)
  • The asset(s) received per dispense (4 COUNTERDOGE)

Beneath this we can see a history of dispenses triggered from this dispenser thus far:

The first dispense was triggered 12 days ago, in which 16 COUNTERDOGE were sold to address DAuHK… The second dispense in this example was triggered 8 days ago, in which 2,000 COUNTERDOGE was sold to address DBpsJ… After your dispense has been recorded on the Dogecoin blockchain, it will show up here as well.

Remember that you must own the private key from which you are sending DOGE or you will not be able to move your assets!

This is all you need to know to get started purchasing Dogeparty assets (NFTs, cards, tokens, etc.) using the Dispenser feature.

For technical information related to Dogeparty, we recommend visiting their page on GitHub.