The original BitBowl logo, as seen here.

Launched in August 2014, the Counterparty BitBowl (also referred to as the CounterBowl) was a unique Super Bowl wagering system that utilizes Counterparty, a tokenization protocol on the Bitcoin blockchain. The platform allowed American football fans and bitcoin enthusiasts alike to purchase digital assets called “team tokens” that represented an NFL team’s odds of winning the Super Bowl, redeemable for a share of a grand XCP prize. Team tokens were initially available for purchase on the Counterparty Asset Exchange, accessible via Counterwallet.

BitBowl tokens are the first sports- or gambling-related set of tokens to be issued on the Bitcoin blockchain, or any other blockchain. This makes them a unique part of cryptocurrency history. You can view all of these tokens at their original issuer address here.

In 2023, the supplies of these tokens were locked and reduced (destroyed) down to 100 per team. It should be noted that four of the tokens possess differing anomalies:

  • A token with the name BEARS had already been registered, in Apr. 2014, which is why I chose BEARSB for that particular BitBowl team name.
  • The SEAHAWKS token made recallable on accident, using a Counterparty feature that was disabled in Dec 2014. Though the token can no longer be recalled, this property currently prevents the supply from being locked. A fix is scheduled to be included in the next release of Counterparty, at which time the SEAHAWKS supply will be locked.
  • The FORTYNINERS token was the only token made with an original issuance higher than 10,000. It was created one week before the others in the series and used as a demonstration of how Counterparty worked. It is also the only token where one resides in a wallet other than my own (it was given as a present to a coworker in 2014).

Token Sale Details

All token sales will be performed via Counterparty Dispenser. BTC funds can be sent to the dispenser address from the Counterwallet (web wallet) or FreeWallet (desktop wallet, recommended). Tokens will be sold as league sets (all 32 teams on 1 dispenser) as well as individually. The sales schedule will proceed as follows:

League sets Round 1: Sun, Jul 30th (20 sets of 32 tokens @ 0.01 BTC per set) – 2:00 pm UTC – SOLD OUT

League sets Round 2: Thurs, Aug 10th (20 sets of 32 tokens @ 0.015 BTC per set) – NOW OPEN
(sending 0.015 BTC to 1PypgzaAJXHzLPvkLQwWzqwn1AyhJd9YUi will trigger the dispense of all 32 tokens)

League sets Round 3: Thurs, Sept 7th (20 sets of 32 tokens @ 0.02 BTC per set)

Individual teams Round 1: Sun, Aug 20th (10 tokens of each team @ 0.001 BTC / ea.) – NOW OPEN
Individual teams Round 2: After Round 1 sells out (10 tokens of each team @ 0.0015 BTC / ea.)

Current individual team token dispenser addresses:

Token NameQuantityPriceDispenser Link

Counterparty BitBowl Summary & Documentation

(based on documentation from the original BitBowl game idea)

How It Works: Players buy team tokens on the Counterparty Asset Exchange, investing in the probability of a team winning the Super Bowl. If the team represented by their token wins the Super Bowl, they can sell it back on the exchange for a grand prize of 10 XCP (Counterparty).

Use of Counterparty: The BitBowl operates on the Counterparty platform, which runs on top of the Bitcoin network, enabling advanced transactions. Team tokens can be bought and sold for any other type of asset listed on the exchange, including BTC, XCP, as well as other team tokens.

Rules and Details: The rules and details of the game are explained below, including the correlation of team token prices with Las Vegas Super Bowl odds, the availability of tokens for purchase, and the obligations of the issuer during the redemption of a winning team token.

Disclaimers: The Counterparty BitBowl is not affiliated with the NFL, and team tokens do not represent an investment or stake in any NFL franchise. Traders, purchasers, and users engage in these activities at their own risk.

To sum it up, the Counterparty BitBowl provides a novel way for football fans and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to engage in Super Bowl predictions and trading of team tokens on a decentralized platform, offering the possibility of earning rewards based on their accurate predictions.

Below are screenshots of the original “Counterbowl” blog which is no longer online:

Below is official documentation written for the project at the time of launch:

The Counterparty BitBowl – How Does It Work?

This explanation starts at a level that assumes the reader has an intermediate to advanced understanding of bitcoin transactions and the bitcoin network. If you would rather start with an explanation of the fundamentals, please read the FAQ page.

How to Play:

1.     Create a bitcoin address using the Counterwallet bitcoin wallet. Be sure to record your secret pass phrase and fund your wallet with some bitcoin.

2.     Using Counterwallet, purchase a digital “team token” on the Counterparty Asset Exchange that corresponds with the team that you think is going to win the 2015 Super Bowl, using BTC or XCP (when tokens are available).

3.     After the end of the Super Bowl, the team token representing the team that won the game will be purchased back by the token issuer for 10 XCP each.

Details and Rules

– Team token prices correlate with their teams latest Super Bowl Las Vegas odds and will be updated weekly every Sunday night or Monday morning to reflect weekly changes in odds. There will be a 5% fee added to the token prices to cover trading costs after the regular season begins.

– As Counterparty exchange orders will only be good for a maximum of 6 days, tokens may not be available for purchase during a 24-hour window between Saturday night and Sunday night.

– Purchasers of team tokens own the tokens outright; they will never be recalled or voided and can be traded for other digital assets (including other team tokens) on the Counterparty Asset Exchange or any other such exchange that may be developed in the future.

– Team tokens will never be sold by the issuer for less than the market price (the issuer will never fill buy orders), though they may be purchased at greater than market price if some unforeseen circumstance warrants the need to do so.

– Team tokens will be sold on the Asset Exchange in denominations of BTC or their corresponding value in XCP if there is demand or problems arise with the Counterwallet BTC trading functionality.

– The Counterparty address that issued and sells the team tokens will maintain an amount of BTC to purchase tokens representing the team of the Super Bowl winner, with that amount increasing in proportion to the maximum payout potential as new tokens are sold into circulation.  While only a portion of the payout will be covered by the address at the start of the season, this amount will grow linearly and be no less than 100% of maximum payout potential by the last game of the playoffs.

– Team Tokens will not be sold by the issuer after 1 week before the day of the Super Bowl. If a team is mathematically or otherwise eliminated from contention, their tokens will no longer be sold by the issuer.

– Purchasers may retain their tokens after the end of the season and use them in the 2016 Super Bowl and for all future Super Bowls so long as the Counterparty BitBowl remains in operation.

– Although we have no reason to suspect that the BitBowl may be shut down or its operations voided, The BitBowl cannot be held responsible for system transaction fees, order cancellations or loss of BTC or assets should problems arise with the Counterparty platform software, nor will we provide refunds for this or any reason.   

– In order to provide some transparency in terms of asset information, sales history and prices, players will be able to view the BitBowl asset issuer address which can be analyzed via usage of a Counterparty block explorer

So Anyway What Is The BitBowl?

The Counterparty BitBowl is a brand new way to place wagers on the Super Bowl that uses bitcoin and the bitcoin network. Instead of placing a traditional bet, players purchase what can best be described as a digital futures contract that says their team will win the Super Bowl. 

By using bitcoin to purchase a digital “team token” on the Counterparty Asset Exchange, you are investing in the probability of a given outcome of an event (in this case the event is the team represented by your team token wins Super Bowl). This is similar to how a stock or currency might be traded and as such your team token is easily exchangeable for whatever else is being represented as a digital asset on the exchange. 

Sound complicated? Its is! For now. These are revolutionary concepts for revolutionary times we are living in, my friends. But once you become more familiar with Counterparty and I produce a more thorough explanation and easy-to-read website it will all start to make sense, I promise!

Quick Steps to Getting Started

1. Buy some bitcoin. I recommend using Coinbase.

2. Transfer some bitcoin to a Counterwallet (an online bitcoin wallet that uses a layer of software on top of it known as Counterparty in order to conduct advanced transactions). 

3. Use the Counterparty Asset Exchange to place an order for the team token that represents the team you want to win the Super Bowl. Prices are based on the latest Las Vegas Super Bowl odds.

4. If your team wins you can sell your token back on the exchange for the grand prize of 10 XCP. 

5. In the meantime, your token is yours to do with what you wish. You can trade it for other team tokens, for bitcoin (BTC), Counterparty (XCP) or anything else that is listed on the asset exchange. 

Token Issuance Details

Token NameIssuance DateOrig Description
BEARSB7/7/2014cashable for XCP if Bears in S.B.
BENGALS7/1/2014cashable for XCP if Bengals win S.B.
BILLS7/7/2014cashable for XCP if Bills win S.B.
BRONCOS7/1/2014cashable for xx XCP if Broncos win S.B.
BROWNS7/2/2014cashable for XCP if Browns win S.B.
BUCCANEERS7/2/2014cashable for XCP if Buccaneers win S.B.
CARDINALS7/2/2014cashable for XCP if Cardinals win S.B.
CHARGERS7/2/2014cashable for XCP if Chargers win S.B.
CHIEFS7/1/2014cashable for XCP if Chiefs win S.B.
COLTS7/1/2014cashable for XCP if Colts win S.B.
COWBOYS7/2/2014cashable for XCP if Cowboys win S.B.
DOLPHINS7/2/2014cashable for XCP if Dolphins win S.B.
EAGLES7/1/2014cashable for XCP if Eagles win S.B.
FALCONS7/2/2014cashable for XCP if Falcons win S.B.
FORTYNINERS6/25/2014Represents how well the 49ers do next yr.
GIANTS7/2/2014cashable for XCP if Giants win S.B.
JAGUARS7/2/2014cashable for XCP if Jaguars win S.B.
JETS7/2/2014cashable for XCP if jets win S.B.
LIONS7/2/2014cashable for XCP if Lions win S.B.
PACKERS7/2/2014cashable for XCP if Packers win S.B.
PANTHERS7/1/2014cashable for XCP if Panthers win S.B.
PATRIOTS7/1/2014cashable for XCP if Patriots win S.B.
RAIDERS7/2/2014cashable for XCP if Raiders win S.B.
RAMS7/2/2014cashable for XCP if Rams win S.B.
RAVENS7/2/2014cashable for XCP if Ravens win S.B.
REDSKINS7/2/2014cashable for XCP if Redskins win S.B.
SAINTS7/1/2014cashable for XCP if Saints win S.B.
SEAHAWKS6/26/2014varies on performance in 2014 NFL season
STEELERS7/2/2014cashable for XCP if Steelers win S.B.
TEXANS7/2/2014cashable for XCP if Texans win S.B.
TITANS7/2/2014cashable for XCP if Titans win S.B.
VIKINGS7/2/2014cashable for XCP if Vikings win S.B.