Title: Go Bengals!

Minted in block 339,609 (mined on Aug. 16, 2014), BENGALS was initially created as part of the Counterbowl project on Counterparty, an American football-inspired gaming project. The project was abandoned due to a severe lack of interest at the time, but the token has been repurposed and brought back to life in 2022, featuring original artwork by artist JoBiz.

About this token

Asset Name: BENGALS
Total Supply: 777
Blockchain: Dogecoin (via Dogeparty)
Issuance Date: Aug 16, 2014
First Sale Date: Feb 13, 2022

Official Dispenser: N/A (private orders only)

If you would like to purchase a BENGALS from Dogermint directly, please email us or contact us on Telegram. Thank you for your interest!

Dispenser sale history

Round 1 – Feb 13, 2022: 500 BENGALS @ 25 DOGE / ea. (sold out in 70 blocks)